A downloadable game for Windows

What is this game?

The Life Ruby is a platformer game that unfolds like a "Metroidvania" instead of being "level by level" like the classic Super Mario game. There's also the Challenge Mode that is completely different, a mode where your skills will be put to the test in a succession of quick and challenging levels ala Super Meat Boy / League Of Evil.

What you can test...

- The 2 first zones of the game in Adventure Mode.

- The first 4 levels in Challenge mode

- The tutorial level

- Controller support

- Menus, saving, options, performance adjustment system, etc.

- There's no sound effects yet and music is placeholder

I would love to hear any opinions / suggestions / general feedback!

What's the plan for the full game?

- More than 6 zones in Adventure Mode

- 8 Challenge levels in each world corresponding to each Adventure Mode zones

- 16 different power ups and new abilities

- Bosses, early 16-bit graphics and lots of secrets

Have fun and don't be shy on feedback!

Download demo

TLR491demo.exe 19 MB


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Looking forward to the full game! :-)

Any idea yet when it will come out?

Am doing it my spare time so it might still take a while. I have a fantasy of finishing before 2018. We'll see, lol.